Silverstone CP11 SATA Cables

Here today we have a review of the Silverstone CP11 SATA Cables. I have to thank @EastCoastMods on twitter for doing his 12 month giveaway. At first look they are real low profile and the cables themselves compared to normal SATA cables. the connectors on the cable connectors are just as big as it needs to be for the connector. With the cables there is actually 2 cables instead of the 1 cable like normal ones but as they are stacked on top of each other.


Once opening the cables at first glance I thought they were too short, but after I started doing cable management it turned out that the 300mm cables are the perfect length for myself due to how close my drives are to the motherboard.



As you can see with the cables they are real low profile compared to the standard SATA cables which is great for people with vertical connectors on the motherboard where it does also help with people who have the 90° connectors.



The only gripe i have with these cables is that when you go to remove them either the motherboard or the drive itself you will need a pair of pliers to remove it as that is how small the profile it and also that the Silverstone branding on the connectors are only a sticker instead of being part of the plastic.


All pictures have been taken from Silverstone website.

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2 comments on “Silverstone CP11 SATA Cables
  1. Darth Bonehead says:

    Are you sure you would “Need” a pair of pliers to remove them, looks like a firm grip could do it.

    And SATA cables have always been in pairs, it’s just on the flat ones you don’t see inside them.

    Review was ok, could have been worded better and maybe some reviewer pics instead of marketing ones…..


    • punkpoets says:

      Sorry for the late reply. I have looked into what you said about the pliers and there is not enough to grab to get a good grip on the cable. SATA data cables only have 7 wires and normally they are single cables. Thank you for the feedback. I posted this review so people know about these cables instead of the standard ones that come with their motherboards


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