Rebranding and Refreshing

With the light of AMD releasing the some cards again it has tweaked my curiosity with all this. Everyone things that those cards are a straight re-brand and not a refresh.

Here is what I see the difference between the 2 is:

A re-brand is exactly how it sounds, all they do is change the name and that’s all they do. The only thing that changes is the name of the final product.

While when its a refresh that’s a bit different. With a refresh that chips go back to the lab and they fine tune those chips even more. With the clocks speeds they have been tweaked so they can get more out of that chip and the memory may even get some tweaks. On the power side of things what has happened is that the TDP and the amount of power needed is lower than the original version of that card/chip.

At the end of the day I don’t like either one being done, BUT if I had to choose out of the 2 I would choose a refresh over a straight re-brand any day of the week as they have at least tried to make the cards/chips go even further then what they originally were designed for.

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